Best Show in Town

          It was almost dark and we really needed to get home, but on a sudden whim I turned the car toward the ocean. "Where are we going, mama?" she asked. "For a quick walk," I said. "A sunset walk." "Can I do cart wheels there?" "Probably not," I said. When we parked, she dragged her feet and complained, but as we settled on the cliff's edge and her chatter ceased, she began to feel the allure of the waves as they pummeled the shore below us, the boom vibrating the rocks upon which we sat. We watched wave after wave start small, then build till it reared up and flung itself on the sand and rocks. We cheered the high, high splashes and watched the shadows of pelicans soaring silently to their beds overhead. And finally when it was too dark to see anymore I peeled her away and carried her home, promising we'd return soon.