Things I Loved in April

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  • While everyone was loosing their minds over LEMONADE, I had THIS SONG on repeat
  • I really, really enjoyed "CATASTROPHE" on Amazon 
  • I discovered hippos like watermelon, at least THESE ONES DO -- and it's really satisfying to watch
  • I learned that the University of Phoenix put out a terrible commercial called "More Than Brains" that was almost worth it because it made THIS HILARIOUS RANT possible
  • I went disc golfing with my husband and some friends -- and enjoyed it way more than I expected to (even though I threw a driver into the river) (see how I am already down with the lingo?)
  • I have spent the last twenty years of my life trying -- and failing -- to recreate a pasta-eggy-brunchy thing I had at a foggy, cliff-side restaurant in southern California with my friend Megan and her parents once -- and just this month I accidentally discovered THIS RECIPE and it's the closest I've come to that amazing penne concoction (next time I do this I'll add cheddar...)
  • Speaking of recipes, my daughter and I MADE THIS three times before we were able to move on
  • If winter was all about hard root beer (and it WAS) then THIS IS THE BEER to help us transition to spring/summer

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Blogged at the kitchen table while my kiddo splashed in the bath. 60 degrees and sunny with westerly winds.