Starting All Over Again

I'm not entirely sure how to do this.

Here's the thing: I decided to start a new blog. Well, it isn't exactly a new blog. Sure, it's in a new place, but it is still the I [Heart] My Life blog that I've had for some time (10+ years!). But, it also isn't the same blog, so, I don't know. Do I just hop straight into a new blog post and pretend that nothing's changed? Do I explain?

Maybe I'll do a little of both.

Here's the explanation: I haven't been blogging for some time, which is because 1) for the past 18 months I've been grieving my father's death and managing his estate and sometimes survival isn't reflective, it's simply one-foot-in-front-of-the-other. 2) The rare times I have been feeling reflective I've been working on a memoir but wasn't sure how to do that and keep blogging (grieving makes multi-tasking hard). And 3): for that past six months I've been working on a digital magazine for young women survivors of breast cancer, which just launched last Saturday (yea! and wow! and holy cow!).

So all that was going on, but for the last few months I've felt a little tingle at the back of my mind and I've come to realize I miss the kind of writing that I used to do on my blog before all the grieving. I've missed the conversations I had with you over posts on the blog. Conversations about scones and salads, parenting in a conscious way, book and movies, road trips and adventures...

So I got excited and I went over to my old blog but when I got there it felt... cob-weby and dated. And it turns out I've outgrown that particular blog. First it was a wedding blog, then it was our new baby blog, then it was my cancer blog, and my care-giving blog. I loved it the most when it was more of a parenting / stuff-I'm-into blog. That's what I've been wanting an outlet for again now. You know, the stuff that makes life awesome and worth living. And so, without (more) ado, I'll launch back into blogging that way and maybe we can just pretend the conversation never lagged. I hope you'll come along. 

PS. If you were subscribed to I [Heart] My Life in its old location, you're still subscribed here in the new location, but you may be asked to confirm the subscription via email.